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U.S. Dermatology Partners is the largest physician owned partnership in the United States. From a business perspective, this is a wonderful thing. From a print collateral perspective, it does pose an interesting challenge. With 50 practices that span three states and provide employment to 73 dermatologists, countless mid-levels, and other employees, someone always needs business cards or some other form of print collateral. As the in-house designer, it is my job to ensure that they get what they need.


Various forms of print media are always needed, but when you are not based in the physical practice location, it can be difficult to judge when it is appropriate to order more. And while the office staff will always alert you of their needs, print and shipping time is not always considered.

Beyond this classic middle man situation, it is common for digital proofs to be automatically approved without the orderer taking a deeper look. This leads to additional changes being reported only after the printed items have arrived.


Integration. Partnering with a local print company, I designed and implemented a new ordering system for each practice location through the creation of print portals.

All 50 practices spanning 3 states are now able to order their print collateral as they need it. Print pieces that include variable data are updated automatically, with spreadsheet updates. This expedites the print process and frees designer time.

Additionally, the use of the portal system cuts down on print errors that originate with the user or lack of an in-depth review. Checks and balances have been put into place at multiple tiers through required review check points. This cuts down on 'data errors' and allows the monitoring of print orders for all locations.

Using a singular print company cuts down on overall print costs across the company. It also ensures collateral and print media for all locations match brand color standards to a "T".

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