Lauren Hidalgo

UI Design & Development

WhatNot Eats

UX Research & Testing

Check Out the Paper Prototype On Invision

Conceptulized an app based soultion to the question of "Where do you want to eat?".

In a big group and you can't decide where to eat? But somehow everyone knows what they don't want for dinner; it's time to Eatliminate some options and bring the remaining, nearby results to the front of the table.

UX Experience
The research into this concept began with a competition analysis to determine if it was a viable idea for an application. It was followed by swot profiling and user research & interviews to determine customer needs, pain points, and desired product features.

Low fidelity wireframes were drawn and a prototype was developed using Invision. Data was gatherered through usability tests, which resulted in amendments to the genre definition flow and the expansion of social networking features.

WhatNot Eats User Research

WhatNot Eats User Personas

WhatNot Eats User Stories & Flow Diagrams

WhatNot Eats User Testing

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